ViaCAD Pro v7The Power of ViaCAD with the realism of RayTrace Rendering

Punch! ViaCAD™Pro – Cost effective and powerful tools for professionals. With The Gripper™, users can easily explore modifications in 3D by simply grabbing hold of graphical handles and dragging. Built on a precision solid modeler, data created with ViaCAD™ is suitable for manufacturing or rapid prototypes. Perfect for a wide variety of design tasks like mechanical part design, furniture design, and consumer product visualizations. Professional rendering tools help you create stunning presentations of your designs.
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Professionals Prefer ViaCAD. Here's Why...

Great Value

ViaCAD has more powerful features and tools than many CAD packages costing much more.

2D/3D Seamless Interface

Toggle between 2D and 3D, with one mouse click. Start in 2D, add 3D with surface solid modeling tools. Then click back to 2D, making precision editing a snap.

Professional Tools for Savvy Users

Tools designed for both simple and complex tasks to increase productivity. Pros will appreciate tools for surface analysis, deformation, tangent covers, surface Booleans, and more. Autodraw functions, multiple viewports, and textures add a new level of ease and speed, as you draw.

Effortless Cross-Platforming & Compatibility

Share your files with Mac and PC ViaCAD users. Import and export options for popular drafting and drawing formats such as AutoCAD, DWG, .DXF, Adobe Illustrator, and Punch! Home Design products.

  Import Export
Google® Sketchup™  
Punch! Objects  
Adobe® EPS  
Adobe® Illustrator® v8
Grid Surface  
Rhino 3DM  
Truespace COB  
WaveFront™ OBJ
TurboCAD™ Mac
ViaCAD™ PC/Mac

ViaCAD users like you show it best.
These few samples from thousands of ViaCAD users say it best.

Christopher Sikora

The medical implant device show here was designed using ViaCAD. The invention was inspired by complications Christopher's son experienced fighting cancer and provides an alternative solution to intravenous nutrition used to kill bacteria. According to Christopher , ViaCAD is "incredibly intuitive, visually refined, and powerful" providing practical tools at an affordable price.

Medilcal Implant Device Created with Punch CAD Software

George Davidson

George uses ViaCAD in his construction business to design cabinets, batrooms, closets, and other building projects. In the bathroom project shown here, George used ViaCAD to determine the amount of pipe and fittings requred for the job. George said he likes ViaCAD because it's easy to "explore things in my head" before purchasing material.

ViaCAD used in the construction business to design projects and determine required materials

New for Version 7

Photorealistic Rendering

ViaCAD Pro now includes photorealistic rendering to add visual realism to your designs. Drag and drop materials, textures, and decals onto parts. Use the material editor to tweak reflectance, color, displacement, transparency, and texture space attributes. Add lights, backgrounds, foregrounds or environment maps to further enhance the scene. For output, ViaCAD Pro provides options to generate high quality poster size images.

The Gripper

An intuitive graphical widget that attaches to your objects allowing you to dynamically move, rotate, and scale objects in 2D or 3D.

Custom Palettes

Create palettes using your favorite combination of tools. Use this new feature to customize ViaCAD Pro for your specific workflow process.


Easily modify and set the default values for pen, fill, text, and dimension attributes.

More Modeling Power

Curves Extend curve by length, to point, or to another curve.
Surfacing Match by position and surface extend.
Splines Dynamic creation for Bezier, control point and interpolate splines.
Dimension New centerline dimension tool

ViaCAD Pro | Top Five Newest Features

LogiCursor makes concept to reality a snap

LogiCursor visually works with you in the design process.

LogiCursor Technology anticipates your move and shows you a suggested action to complete it. You draw faster and with more precision. Intersect|Endpoint

LogiCursor automatically identifies and snaps to locations of centers, endpoints, midpoints, tangents, and many more, as you draw! Labels for locations appear on the fly, allowing precision alignment in real time. The LogiCursor function can be toggled on or off at any time.

Customize LogiCursor to your drawing style by controlling sensitivity and snap filter options.


Easily Turn Your Drawings Into 3D Models

Unique to ViaCAD Pro! 3D Modeling & Other Features

  • Surface Analysis
  • Offset Surface
  • Surface Lofting
  • Surface Booleans
  • Trim/Join Surface
  • Blending Along Curve
  • Deformation
  • Skin With Guides
  • Tangent Covers
  • Draft Surfaces

Plus Other Pro Features...

  • Open GL Materials & Textures
  • Multiple Viewports
  • OBJ Import/Export
  • Supports AutoCAD® 2009 DXF/DWG data formats

Easy Access to Pro Features

Simple Interface • Pro tools maximize productivity

ViaCAD Pro Offers Multiple View Points

Multiple Viewports

Viewports provide a graphical user inteface to display the same drawing in multiple views. Each view may have a different orientation, which privides the ability to see an object simultaneously displayed, in an isometric, side, front, and top view

Over 90 Minutes of Video Training

Learn about features, tools, and tips to help you get the most out of ViaCAD Pro!

Over 26,000 Integrated Symbols
Not a limited time subscription

Drag & drop symbols including doors, windows, mechanical, electrical, fasteners, CMOS, HVAC, LAN, & more.

Over 90 minues of videos in the Training Center! Over 26,000 integrated symbols
Easy, fast, feature-rich, without compromise of power. Features for every type of project.
Aerospace Industrial Design Technical Illustration Architectural Prototype Models
Aerospace Design Software Industrial Design Software Technical Illustration Software Architectural Design Software Prototype Models Design Software

2D Automatic Features

Curve to Arc | Keep & Preserve The Original Curve Region Trim | Easily Trim Multiple Curves Convert 3D Images into 2D Drawings fast & easy

Curve to Arc

Convert a spline, ellipse, or conic into a collection of arcs. Especially helpful when interfacing with CNC machines, which do not accept higher order curves. Two options: tangent continuous makes each arch tangent to its neighbor; keep preserves the original curve.

Region Trim

Rapidly trim multiple curves with a single mouse click. Click inside or outside to control which curves are kept or removed.

Automatic 2D Converter

Simple 3D to 2D conversion in one mouse click. Then create multiple 2D views with an additional mouse click!

2D Precision Tools for Faster Design

Teape Measure Tool identifies the distance between components Planar area properties helful for mechanical or architectural egineers needed accurate 2d sectioning properties Object transform | Modify objects using simple tools

Tape Measure Tool

The tape measure tool identifies distance, distance components, and the angle relative to the work plane. The distance and angle values are displayed at the cursor for quick reference

Planar Area Properties

Professional feature for mechanical or architectural engineers needing precise 2D section properties

Object Transform

Transform objects using polar or linear arrays. Or use versatile tools to translate, scale, rotate, and mirror objects.

Intelligent Walls

Intelligent Walls

Walls automatically heal when positioned next to another walls. Quickly explore new wall configurations by draggin or precisely changing parameters that control lenght, angle, and thickness.

Doors & Window Features

Insert doors & windows easily

Add intelligent wall features such as dorrs and windows with just a few mouse clicks. Or design a custom feature using the 'Inset Group into Wall' tool.

Architectural Detailing

ViaCAD Automatically Adds Measurements to Your Walls

Let ViaCAD automatically add dimensions to your walls. Or selectively add key measurements to doors and windows using call outs and labels. Quickly identifying room regions using single click filling and hatching.

Over 26,000 Integrated Symbols

Integrated Industry Standard Symbols Drag & Drop symbols including doors, windows, mechanical, CMOS, HVAC, LAN, and more.

26 Styles for Dimensioning

26 Dimensioning Styles

Industry-Standard Cross-hatching & Solid Fills

Cross hatching and more

More Pro 3D Tools

Precise and accurate 2D section properties Assocaitive Surface Modeling Intuitive Analysis Tools

Planar Area Properties

Profesioinal feature for mechanical or architectural egineers needing precise 2D section properties.

Associative Surface Modeling

Create Surfaces acciciative to defining curves. Stitch into solids to perform feature operations.

Analysis Tools

Calculate precise volumes, weights, interferences, centers of gravity, moments of inertia, and other critical data associated with parts.

3D Dawing & Editing Features

Local Face Editing Feature Operations Add & Remove Tools

Local Face Editing

Provides tools to modify parts independent of previous construction history. Great for working with parts designed from other CAD systems such as AutoCAD, Pro/E, or SolidWorks.

Feature Operations

Intelligent features allow you to edit parts using blending, chamfeing, holes, basses, shelling and bending tools.

Add & Remove Tool

Use Boolean toosl to add, subtract, and intersect parts, generating complex parts from simple ones.

3D Modeling, Presentation & More

Create Prototypes

Create Prototypes with ViaCAD Pro

Instantly convert your ViaCAD Pro file to STL, for 3D prototype modeling, with a single mouse click

Section Cuts

ViaCAD Pro Can Generate Section Cuts

Generate section views through 3D models

Texture Library Includes 1500+ items

ViaCAD Pro Includes a Library with a Wide Variety of Textures

Drag & drop over 3000 included realistic textures such as woods, paints, flooring, fabrics, brick, stone, metal, and more. Apply textures by dragging and dropping onto the 3D object, Use filters to drop textures onto faces, bodiesm or similar materials.

3D Draw/Edit Features

Convert 2D profiles into 3D

Convert 2D Profiles Into 3D Images

Quickly lathe, extrude, sweep, and skin 2D profiles into 3D shapes

History Based Modeling

History Based Modeling

Use Concept Explorer to examine design history. Change parameters and watch the part update

Complex Blending

Complex Blending

Create constant and variable radius blends on complex models

Complex Shapes

Complex Shapes

Create a thinwalled object automatically

Twisting & Bending

Twisting & Blending

Twist or bend parts and still mantain precision NURBS data

Precision Tools

Trim Surfaces

Trim Surfaces

ViaCAD Pro supports high end surface trimming operations. Trim to projected text or curves on a surface. Keep, delete or move trim portions based on desing requirements.

Surface Analysis

Surface Analysis

Surface analysis tools in ViaCAD Pro provides feedback as to smoothness characteristics of the underlying NURB definitons. These tools include curvature and zebra plots. Curvature plot options include Gaussian, Mean, Minimum, Radius, and Maximum Radius. Zebra plots are specifically useful for examining surface continuity between adjacent surfaces.

Surface Matching

Surface Matching

Perform class A surface matching operation on neighboring surfaces with either G1 (tangent) G2 (curvature) continuity options

Skin With Guided Curves

Skin with guided curves

Skin between blue profiles and use green guide curves to further refine and control shape of complex objects

Surface Booleans

Surface Booleans

ViaCAD Pro supports Boolean operations on open surfaces. Perform addition and subtraction operations to quickly merge or remove surface areas

Tangent Covers

Tangent Covers

The Tangent Cover creates an n-sided surface that is tangent continous to it's surrounding surfaces. The tool is useful for filling voids between surfaces and for capping objects

Surface functions

Offset Surfaces

Offset Surfaces

Offer surfaces maintan a constant distance normal to a referenced surface. ViaCAD Pro includes offsetting complex trimmed NURB surfaces.


ViaCAD Pro Surface Deformations

Modifying a face using inflate or deflate terminology. Or move a portion of a face to a specific location using the face deformation tools of ViaCAD Pro

Bending Along Curve

ViaCAD Pro | Vending Along Curve

The feature will bend a solid along an axis or along a curve. The along curve option will automatically stretch or compress the new shape to precisely flow along the path.

System Requirements:
Windows®: Recommended Requirements: Microsoft© Windows® XP Home/Pro SP3, Windows Vista® SP2, Windows® 7, Intel® Pentium® or AMD Athlon™ class processor, 4 GB of hard disk space, 1 GB of RAM, Video card, Mouse Pointing Device (wheel button recommended), DVD-ROM Drive. Macintosh®: Recommended Requirements: Macintosh® OS 10.5 or higher, Intel® Mac®, 4 GB of hard disk space, 1GB RAM or greater, Mouse Pointing Device (wheel button recommended), DVD-ROM Drive.